Play Scrap Metal Cats!!!… & Official web!

Well, we promised… and the final result is a 5 level ยก 3D ! classic-airplanes-shooter videogame.

We done a great team job, hard workout, “unsleeping nights”, and more…. but also it was a great experience in where we learned a lot, and

we are really happy with the final results.

Our next step: Scrap Metal Cats in videogames web (in a few weeks!).

Direct access to Scrap Metal Cats game:

Play now to Scrap Metal Cats!!!

Or, you can play it in the next adress below (link access in the Official Scrap Metal Cats Web Site):

Scrap Metal Cats – Official Site ย  (Access to the site -> Click in left button with SMC logo -> Play Scrap Metal Cats!).

So, keep in touch and have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ll appreciate any suggestion and feedback!!!


Scrap Metal Cats Team.

Third advance presentation in UCM

We’re really happy for all the good comments in the third (of 4) advance presentation in the Complutense University of Madrid last Friday (June 1) of 2012.

When all teams finished their presentations, any person who wanted to play the games could done. All gamers (students, professionals, or academics) give us a lot of feedback in the game session.

We’re proud of SCRAP METAL CATS, and the team is ready as always to get in full work with it.

The next and last advance presentation in the Complutense University of Madrid, is on the last week of June. After that, we’ve the formal presentation in September, and the final public release in Octuber 5.

A lot of work is becoming, and we’re ready to do it!!!

Third advance presentation video:

Take care people! Big Hugs!

Scrap Metal Cats Team

Welcome aboard, you little Cat!!!

This BLOG-SHIP will SHOOT you all the process that the Scrap Metal Cats TEAM is passing by, from the beginning to the videogame release.

Post any comment and we will read it and answare it as fast as we can.

  • Don’t be pussy cat!, and read about the game! (MENU -> About – Scrap Metal Cats)
  • Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!, come here to know more about us! (MENU -> Scrap Metal Cats Team)
  • Hey Cat!, I got some fish for you!!! Play the game! (MENU -> Play! – Scrap Metal Cats)

We hope you enjoy reading and playing Scrap Metal Cats as Kitty plays with a ball of yarn =D

Contact Information.

E-M@il :

Take care!

Scrap Metal Cats Team